Sunday, 15 November 2009

really upset .

im really hate with them .but sumtimes i really2 miss 'my dulu geng'
no ,im not jealous with their .
i really miss her so mch .i want her bck !
but i knw she was vry2 happy with her new frenzs !
and i know im not n i cant be a vry2 good besties !
n if i go bck with them o her i will be a person that like 'snyp jew 'cz i dunno what im gonna said n do .(mybe) .i cant be like eika yg dulu .(mybe too)
i really felt dissapointed cz they all were promise me that their will frenz 4 eva with me .
but in the end , that promise jz broke down !n then ,my life was vry2 dark , not jz like b4 .
im sure that all a readers have a besties ,so plzs dnt make yr besties felt so upset k .
n plzs love ur besties as u love ur siblings .!miss u kownk tpyh ak ego !

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ahh ..

bncie doe ak nan downk ...!!!

wito ak da buang perasaan bncie n nymph + try na bebek nan dowg ,,

but dowg cm pew jew ....

bncie doe ble dowg gne ayt faieka tuh !!!

ak yunx cipte that name !! ..

pgyh mampos doe kownk if kownk dew bce diz blog !!!

n ak ta kesa if kownk na kutok o ckp pape sl ak !!!

cz i knw who me ..

fucker u bitchy !!!